New Year, New Beginning

Hi there!

Today is the beginning of a new chapter for me – a craft challenge chapter! How exciting!!

I’m launching a challenge to myself to get my creative brain flowing again. Have any of you had the problem that you look at something and think “I could create something like that”, but when you go to do it, your brain turns to mush?  Well, I love Maya Angelou’s quote:

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


and decided to “use my creativity more”!!

Each week, I will produce something new. It may be small, it may be big, it may be an extension of something I’ve done on a previous week, but the main thing is that it has to be new. It can’t be a tutorial or pattern that I’ve bought or watched. It can’t be something I’ve seen on Pinterest and thought “I’d love to make that”. There is no restriction on what form of craft it may be (and I’m into lots!!) so that will allow me to play with all the things I love in a new way.

To help me along, I’ve made up a list of themes to follow to help jog me along in case of a mental blank.

If you want to join me for one or all of the weeks this year, that would be awesome!! I would love to have friends travel this journey with me. I’ll post the theme each Sunday for the following week. The one for this is

“Something Familiar”


I will be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram for you so pop over and follow me there to see exclusive content – Facebook ( or Instagram (@craftsomethingamazing) – I’d love to connect with you!!

Cheers lovely crafters!


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